Collaborative Law Process

Why is Collaborative Law such an effective settlement process?

Collaborative attorneys have a different approach to their practice. We call it a "paradigm shift." Instead of being dedicated to getting the largest possible settlement for their own client, no matter the emotional or financial costs, collaborative attorneys are dedicated to helping their clients achieve the best results for their post-divorce restructured families. Collaborative attorneys do not act as "hired guns." Nor do they take advantage of mistakes inadvertently made by the other side. Collaborative attorneys do not threaten, intimidate, or focus on the negative in their own client or the other party. They expect and encourage good-faith problem-solving behavior from their clients, and they maintain professional integrity during the collaborative representation.

Trust and communication are key to the collaborative process. While the attorneys still owe a primary allegiance and duty to their own clients, within all mandates of professional responsibility, they know that the only way they can serve the true best interests of their clients is to behave with, and demand, the highest integrity from themselves, their clients, and the other participants in the collaborative process.

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