Adoption Disruptions

There are circumstances when a child has been adopted and the adoption is not suitable for the parents and child. The parents may consider an adoption disruption. This is when an adoption is concluded by finding new adoptive parents who will process a second adoption. “Second Adoption” may be a more appropriate term because the first adoption was complete and the child is the legal child of the first set of adoptive parents. The prospective new parents are the second set of adoptive parents. If you are the first adoptive family and feel a disruption is required, we can help you find a suitable second adoptive family and assist you with the legal process. If you are a second adoptive family contemplating this type of adoption, we can complete your legal process and provide you with various adoption resources include counseling options, education and adoption grant/financial information. An adoption disruption can be a very difficult situation, but our team will do all we can to assist you with this transition. Our goal is to make the second adoption a successful placement for the child(ren) involved.

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