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The attorneys of HARDEN JACKSON, LLC each bring diverse and extensive experience in their respective areas of law. The firm's practice areas are restricted to: divorce and other areas of family law (including collaborative law and mediation), adoption, surrogacy and assisted reproduction law. The team at HARDEN JACKSON is committed to providing our clients with personalized, compassionate service while remaining assertive advocates protecting our clients' interests whether they are fighting for custody or negotiating the terms of a surrogacy contract. As effective and experienced litigators, the attorneys work with clients to develop strategies for negotiating settlements, while always preparing for litigation if necessary. The practice is supported by a trained and knowledgeable team of paralegals and administrative staff, who are integral to the firm's mission to provide clients with responsive, personal attention.

The attorneys and staff of HARDEN JACKSON understand the emotional and stressful nature of your case and we employ an empathetic approach to clients' cases. Our team of attorneys offer comprehensive services to assist families, businesses and individuals throughout Indiana.

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