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Located a few minutes from Westfield, Carmel-based firm Harden Jackson, LLC focuses on family law. The attorneys at Harden Jackson have broad experience in family law matters, and offer assistance in both litigation and alternative dispute resolution. More specifically, Harden Jackson focuses in matters including: adoption, assisted reproductive technology, child support, custody, divorce, paternity, post-divorce modifications, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, property division, simple wills, and surrogacy. Please find a brief description of a select few of these practice areas below.

Collaborative law and Mediation: Collaborative law is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which parties and their attorneys meet with the hope of establishing a common ground; the goal of collaborative law is for the parties to come to an agreement before it becomes necessary for them to go to court. Mediation is similar in that the purpose is to avoid the court process. Mediation, however, involves discussing the case with a neutral third party- this party is usually an attorney who does not represent either party. Both collaborative law and mediation may be especially suited for families and individuals who are interested in shielding their cases from the potentially public nature of litigation. Should alternative dispute resolution be unsuccessful, parties still have the option of going to court.

Adoption: Legal issues surrounding adoption often depend on the “type” of adoption at hand. For example, both domestic and international adoptions are viable options; an adoption may be performed independently, or facilitated by an adoption agency; and adoptions can take place among family members or non-relatives. Each unique situation will require different legal steps. The legal issues can be more complicated when adopting a child from abroad, as different countries have different rules and regulations governing the adoption process.

Child custody: Child custody laws vary by state. In Indiana, the court uses the best interests of the child as the guide for determining custody arrangements. This “best interests” standard involves a number of factors, and includes the point of view of both the child (and children) and the adult family members. The court may decide on a number of different custody arrangements, including physical custody, joint custody, and/or legal custody. Cases are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Divorce: Like child custody laws, divorce laws differ starkly from state to state. Indiana’s laws, which usually refer to divorce as “dissolution of marriage,” have a number of legal anomalies as compared to the laws of other states. Laws for determining jurisdiction, factors included in the division of property, and circumstances under which the court will consider the reasons for dissolution are all dependent on Indiana law.

Paternity: Indiana law presumes that, if a woman is married at the time she gives birth to a child, her husband is the child’s father. This leaves room for questions, especially when a woman is not married at the time she gives birth. In these situations, Indiana law provides for ways in which the paternity of the child may be established.

Harden Jackson, LLC is in a prime location to serve clients located in the Westfield area. Please do not hesitate to contact us to set up an initial consultation, obtain advice about your rights in a given case, or discuss how to proceed with a legal action.

Client Reviews
Lanae was indispensable in helping me through a difficult time. Going through a divorce was strenuous, and especially emotional because it involved my infant daughter. I was trying to gain a footing in unfamiliar and challenging legal, financial, and societal situations...Because of their hard work, I can now concentrate on spending time with my daughter, knowing that the settlement agreement provides a solid framework for resolving ongoing issues. Ganesh S.
I was involved in a contentious child custody matter with my sons that had lagged for far too long. When I switched lawyers and found Lanae Harden, I wished I had looked sooner! She and all the staff at Harden Jackson Law were amazing and hard working. I truly felt that Lanae was representing my best interests and understood what my best interests. Christina L.
Lanae Harden's empathy is an invaluable asset as one goes through a difficult process such as a divorce. Her office staff is very responsive, supportive and helpful, I recommended wholeheartedly! Zaida M.
Very knowledgeable, prompt, and courtesy all while being results driven! Kathleen S.
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