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The law office of Harden Jackson, LLC is located just west of Noblesville, and serves a wide client base around the Noblesville area. Harden Jackson focuses in family law, including: adoption, surrogacy, assisted reproductive law, divorce, custody, child support, property division, paternity, post-divorce modifications, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and simple wills, among other areas. A brief overview of some of our practice areas follows:

Adoption, Surrogacy, and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART): Each of these areas serves a common goal- to find a way to for individuals to bring a child into the world, or into their lives. On the one hand, an individual may choose to become a parent through adoption. The child may be adopted from abroad, or from within the US, or may already be a member of the individual’s extended family- this is often the case with stepparent or grandparent adoption. Adoptions also may be completed privately, or with the help of an agency. On the other hand, couples unable to conceive may choose to create a child through assisted reproductive technologies (such as sperm/egg donor, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, embryo adoption, etc.) and may need a gestational carrier, or surrogate. Attorneys can help all parties to these agreements with the legal questions, procedures, and paperwork, among other services.

Divorce: States differ in the way they structure divorce laws, and requirements for establishing divorce differ among states as well. Indiana, for example, is known as a “no fault” state. Generally, this means that courts in Indiana do not consider the reason behind the divorce in their deliberations, although some exceptions may be made. Additionally, Indiana follows the “one pot” theory in terms of division of property, while at the same time seeking a just and reasonable division of property. These and other legal anomalies can be dealt with on a case by case basis by an attorney familiar with Indiana rules.

Paternity/Father’s Rights: Much like divorce laws, paternity laws vary from state to state. In Indiana, if a woman is married at the time she gives birth, her husband is declared the legal father. If a woman is unmarried when she gives birth, the law is unclear in regards to paternity, but it is possible to establish paternity through the courts.

Child Custody: A court looking to establish child custody will try to determine what is in the child’s best interest, and use that standard in custody determinations. This standard is comprised of eight factors, and the court will deliberate on each of these. Some of the factors include: the child’s wishes, the age and sex of the child, the child’s relationship with the parents and/or siblings. A court may order a custody evaluation to investigate the custody arrangements, and a court may allow this evaluation to come into the trial as evidence.

Located just west of Noblesville, the law office of Harden Jackson, LLC serves clients throughout the area. Please do not hesitate to contact us, whether you want to discuss your rights, discuss options for a potential case, or begin the process of filing a legal action.

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