Mediation Representation

Must Parties be Represented by Attorneys?

The goal of mediation is for parties to create agreements which are fair, workable, and which will not be subject to future challenges or frequent petitions for modification. To this end, it is important that the parties make informed decisions at mediation. Because mediators cannot advise parties of their legal rights nor of likely outcomes if their disputes were tried in court, of their dispute, parties may wish to retain legal counsel who can render legal advice before and during the process, and who can further assist in the preparation and filing of documents necessary to effectuate the parties agreement. Parties are encouraged, however, to select attorneys who understand and support the mediation process, as well as their client's decision to mediate.

Client Reviews
Lanae was indispensable in helping me through a difficult time. Going through a divorce was strenuous, and especially emotional because it involved my infant daughter. I was trying to gain a footing in unfamiliar and challenging legal, financial, and societal situations...Because of their hard work, I can now concentrate on spending time with my daughter, knowing that the settlement agreement provides a solid framework for resolving ongoing issues. Ganesh S.
I was involved in a contentious child custody matter with my sons that had lagged for far too long. When I switched lawyers and found Lanae Harden, I wished I had looked sooner! She and all the staff at Harden Jackson Law were amazing and hard working. I truly felt that Lanae was representing my best interests and understood what my best interests. Christina L.
Lanae Harden's empathy is an invaluable asset as one goes through a difficult process such as a divorce. Her office staff is very responsive, supportive and helpful, I recommended wholeheartedly! Zaida M.
Very knowledgeable, prompt, and courtesy all while being results driven! Kathleen S.
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