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Harden Jackson, LLC is located in Carmel, Indiana, a short drive from the Fishers area. Attorneys within the firm have experience both in litigation, as well as in alternative dispute resolution. The firm has a focus on family law, and attorneys within the firm have focused in a number of areas. Harden Jackson’s attorney’s bring experience to the more traditional areas of family law (divorce, custody, child support, property division, paternity, post-divorce modifications, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and simple wills), as well as the more contemporary areas (adoption, surrogacy, and assisted reproductive technologies). A brief description of the legal issues surrounding some of these areas can be found below.

Collaborative law: Collaborative law is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which parties and their attorneys come together in hopes of reaching an amenable conclusion to their legal troubles. The goal of this type of law is to settle the case before it ever has to go to court. Collaborative law is especially useful in family law matters, as it provides a shield of privacy as compared to the public nature of litigation. It is especially helpful for families looking to remain amiable post conflict, or those who wish to exercise a bit more control over the resolution of their cases.

Traditional family law: Traditional family law includes the primary areas of divorce and legal separation. In Indiana, divorce is known as “dissolution of marriage,” and treated as such by the courts. Laws dealing with divorce and legal separation differ from state to state. In Indiana, the court generally does not look at the rationale behind the separation or divorce when it determines the outcome of a case. Indiana also treats the division of property differently than some of its surrounding states. These kinds of inquiries can easily be addressed by an attorney experienced in Indiana Law.

Gradually, child custody, as well as the establishment of paternity and a father’s rights have come to be included in the broad definition of traditional family law. Like divorce laws, these differ from state to state. In Indiana, for example, the standard for child custody is based on eight factors; this standard is known as the “best interests” standard, in which the court puts the best interests of the child at the forefront of the case. Paternity in Indiana depends (among other things) on a mother’s marital status at the time she gives birth.

Contemporary family law: As the definition of family law has continued to expand, and legal issues within this realm have continued to unfold, legal areas such as adoption, surrogacy, and assisted reproductive technologies have emerged. Adoption allows for an intended parent to legally bind him or herself to a child through the adoption process. Adoptions vary widely: they can occur within or outside of the United States, can be performed privately or through an agency, and can sometimes take place from within an individual’s own extended family; this is the case with stepparent adoptions, grandparent adoptions, and the like. Legal issues for adoption cases depend on how the adoption is performed.

Surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology allow for parties unable to conceive on their own to bring a child into the world through assisted reproductive technology. Whether this means is through in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination, egg or sperm donation, or another method, the end goal is to help both couples and individuals achieve the dream of building a family.

Attorneys at Harden Jackson, LLC have extensive experience in these areas of family law, as well as others not delineated here. Please do not hesitate to contact us at our Carmel location to set up an initial consultation.

Client Reviews
Lanae was indispensable in helping me through a difficult time. Going through a divorce was strenuous, and especially emotional because it involved my infant daughter. I was trying to gain a footing in unfamiliar and challenging legal, financial, and societal situations...Because of their hard work, I can now concentrate on spending time with my daughter, knowing that the settlement agreement provides a solid framework for resolving ongoing issues. Ganesh S.
I was involved in a contentious child custody matter with my sons that had lagged for far too long. When I switched lawyers and found Lanae Harden, I wished I had looked sooner! She and all the staff at Harden Jackson Law were amazing and hard working. I truly felt that Lanae was representing my best interests and understood what my best interests. Christina L.
Lanae Harden's empathy is an invaluable asset as one goes through a difficult process such as a divorce. Her office staff is very responsive, supportive and helpful, I recommended wholeheartedly! Zaida M.
Very knowledgeable, prompt, and courtesy all while being results driven! Kathleen S.
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